Clients and Partners

"providing value through experience and integrity"

  • Community Transit Greenline 128th St Widening
  • Community Transit Greenline Corridors Stations
  • Port of Seattle International Arrivals Facility
  • SDOT 4th Ave S Off-ramp
  • Whatcom County On-Call Inspection Services
  • King County Harbor Island Dock Demolition
  • City of Bellevue Constructability Review

The members of Pacific CM believe that in order to provide the best value for the client, effective and efficient communication is a necessity. Pacific CM utilizes regular in person meetings, email updates, and phone correspondence to make sure all project members are on the same page. This keeps projects running smoothly and within the allotted budget. The FCR and IDR documentation process helps keep the contractor accountable and the client up to date on every step of the project. Pacific CM's main goal is to let the client know exactly what is being done during every stage of the project and that it is being done correctly, preventing unnecessary costs to correct problems in the future. Pacific CM also takes a preventative approach with risk management in order to add value to projects. By conducting a thorough analysis of project plans and specs, issues can be eliminated before they have a chance to occur. Mistakes can be extremely costly so Pacific CM makes it a priority to prevent them. This is only possible through the expertise and experience of our inspectors.