Optional Services Include:

Company President Mike Monteleone
Floor Treatment:

• Vacuum all soft surfaces with a Hepa filtered vacuum
• Sanitize all hard floor surfaces with a disinfecting detergent

Air Space Disinfection:


We use a powerful system of fans and air particulate solution that will disinfect the air
space and that can reach surfaces that other cleaning services can not.

• Shampoo clean carpets and similar
  surfaces with detergent per CDC
  designated proportions of detergent.
• Window cleaning
• Wall cleaning
• HVAC System Fog
• Exterior/outdoor fumigation
• Vehicle & Equipment fog and wipe down


Pacific CM is proud to announce we have diversified our services for the betterment of our clients and associates. Following CDC procedures, protocols, measured quantities and requirements and under the supervision of Hazwoper 40 certified professionals, Pacific CM will clean and disinfect all shared workspaces, public areas and equipment ensuring the safety and well-being of employees and the public.

Operations Manager Tara Erickson

Disinfect all hard surfaces using a disinfecting spray solution and wipe down using antimicrobial microfiber cloths per CDC procedures, protocols and designated proportions of chlorine and detergent.
Office(s), waiting area(s), bathroom(s), break room(s):
• Desks & small desk items
• Tables
• Chairs
• Break room equipment
• Door and entry way surfaces
• Keyboards / mouse & pads
• PC equipment
• Monitors
• Shelves
• Décor
• Filing cabinets
• Pictures