“The quality of work performed by the Pacific CM QA/QC Inspector on the International Arrival Facility has been exceptional.  Clark Construction Group is well pleased with the knowledge and professionalism provided by this inspector.”

               -Andrew Klobucnik, Quality Assurance Manager – Clark Construction Group

“Mike Monteleone and his Pacific CM QA/QC inspectors have the expertise and knowledge to manage the CT-Corridors project we are currently working on.  Along with the specialized document control program we have been very effective in fulfilling our Client’s contractual requirements.”

               -Chris Kuennen, Project Manager  – KPFF

Rachel Major, Office Administrator


“I have worked with Mike Monteleone and Pacific CM on the CT 128th Street Project this past year.  The high quality of inspectors he has provided for this project has been exceptional.  Their knowledge and professionalism, along with their work ethic, has helped KPFF provide our Client with a great Construction Management team.”

               -Rob Price, Associate – KPFF

“Pacific CM has provided Heery International with an exceptional QA/QC Inspector for our Port of Seattle CMIDIQ Project.  The clients we are working with on this project have been extremely pleased with the quality of work, knowledge and professionalism this Inspector has demonstrated.”

               -Bill Slaybaugh, Sr. Project Manager – Heery International

While she may not be involved in construction management directly, Ms. Major is an instrumental member of Pacific CM, overseeing many of our day to day operations and ensuring that the work flow remains smooth and efficient. With a Bachelor's degree in Construction Management and almost ten years of working in the industry, her experience and determined work ethic adds value to our company's capability to perform. Often times working behind the scenes, Ms. Major's ability to maintain an efficient work flow coupled with her organization makes her one of the key components to any successful project with Pacific CM.


Mike Monteleone, President

Pacific CM is a HUBZone certified, DBE firm with the ability to work nationwide. We are focused on providing the best value-based quality assurance and construction management services throughout the Pacific Northwest and now even in the Southern United States. Our goal is to ensure that every project will be completed to the client's satisfaction. We take pride in the fact that our subject matter experts are some of the best in the area. As a small business, Pacific CM strives to support the surrounding local communities by hiring local employees and teaming with fellow small businesses whenever possible. We have managed to expand and take on numerous successful projects partnering with firms such as KPFF, Heery, OAC, and Clark Construction.

Mr. Monteleone has over 38 years of construction experience on civil, structural, and infrastructure projects, 28 of which were spent with contractor-based production. He has been providing quality control inspection and construction management services in the Puget Sound area for the past eleven years; his experience gives him valuable insight for projects he works on. Possessing a Master's degree in Management and an array of certifications from recognized agencies such as the Washington Department of Transportation, Mr. Monteleone has proven himself as a valued and vital component to the overall success of various large-scale construction projects. With experience working with both the federal and local levels, as well as an incredible work ethic, he is sure to add significant value to any project he works on.

Operations Manager Tara Erickson
Company President Mike Monteleone