Benefits of services provided by pacific cm

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Pacific CM prides itself on its wide range of experience, with experts/inspectors in numerous fields. The following are simply a few of the numerous areas in which we excel in. If the area you are looking for is not here, feel free to contact us with an inquiry!

Design/build Risk management


Subject Matter Expertise

  • MEP

  • Design

Pacific CM understands the importance of safety, efficiency, and quality control in all the work that we provide. It is crucial that we maintain the highest possible quality while ensuring the lowest possible risk on each and every job. To do this, we emphasize clear communication and risk management with clients by employing professionals with plenty of experience in the field. Minimizing risk is important, and one part of doing this is through high level quality control. After all, the first step for risk management is to ensure that the work is done in a high-quality fashion. Combining high level quality control and design/build risk management is a core strength of Pacific CM, and one that we pride ourselves on. We hope that you will find the value in our quality control services as well.

  • Concrete

  • Welding
  • Gas

  • Oil
  • Pacific CM manages project risk by maintaining a macro view of the project, analyzing subcontractor production and quality, confirm long lead items, inspect off-site manufacturers and pay consistent vigilance to the critical path.
  • Design Build contractors can receive a substantial discount on their insurance because they have contracted Pacific CM as a 3rd party risk management contractor.
  • Safety analysis and quality control are constant services while our professionals are on site. Our safety standards will help minimize any risks that jeopardize the quality, schedule, and/or critical path of the project.
  • We are DBE/SCS certified which allows Design Build Contractors to self-perform more of the work while still meeting required goals.
  • Pacific CM can hire anyone, including your own personnel, to help your firm offset DBE goal requirements.
  • We generate profitable methods and means for correcting Change Orders.
  • Our Quality Assurance/Quality Control Risk management professionals have a wide range of licenses and certifications.